Current board (2016/2017)


Chairwoman – Sarah Gebhard

Sarah has been a long time help to Studentproof. As a chairwoman she is the face of Studentproof and makes sure everything keeps on going. She is studying Sustainable Innovation at the TU/e and originally comes from the US! She plays bass in the bigband as well as with combo The Seventh. She also has an upright bass (that bass is made for walking – but not if you ask her!)

Secretary – Rien de Bont

Rien is our young enthusiastic latest addition. As a secretary he keeps notes of everything that’s important at Studentproof. He is also studying Sustainable Innovation at the TU/e. He plays bass in the successful combo Jazzal as well as short-lived fusion combo Partido Alto together with Arthur. However, don’t freak out if you see him playing his tunes on the guitar, piano and even drums!

Treasurer – Arthur Oldeman

Arthur is our wise and creative mastermind (hmm, who wrote this…?). As a treasurer he keep track of all the finances going on at Studentproof. He is studying Chemical Engineering as well as Applied Physics at the TU/e. He played guitar in the fusion combo Partido Alto together with Rien. He also has a long history on keys and can even play bass as well as sing a bit!

General board member – Nick van Osta

Nick is our serious virtuoso. As a general board member he does a bit of everything, but his main focus is housing and our move from the Bunker to Luna in 2017 (if it’s ever going to happen). He is currently graduating at Biomedical Engineering at the TU/e. He played in the bigband for quite a while and acted as piano virtuoso with his classical influences.