Los Pidrillos

Los Pidrillos is currently one of our newest bands! Combining the steamy soul of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye with the funky grooves of the Tower of Power and the Average White Band, Los Pidrillos is certainly not the ordinary jazz band! Started in September 2017, they are currently still building up a nice repetoire to blow the audiences away! Interested? They still have some nice vacancies!


  • Zeno van Doren (drums)
  • Mikhail Astafev (percussion)
  • Nikita Skornyakov (bass guitar)
  • Arthur Oldeman (guitar)
  • Laurens van Heesch (trumpet)
  • Lars van Ruremonde (trumpet)
  • Luuc Evers (tenor saxophone)
  • Annie Moeskops (alto saxophone)


  • Funky key player!
  • Steamy soul singer!


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