Aeris Brass Band

Aeris Brass Band is the twelve-member brass band of Studentproof, with instruments like the trombone, trumpet, saxophone, sousaphone, drums and percussion they play a repertoire ranging from jazz to hiphop to brass!


This band knows how to make a party out of nothing, if it’s in the streets, in a pub or even in your backyard!


Band members:

Huub van Rijn – tenor saxophone

Marco Pipolo – baritone/tenor/alto saxophone

Jérôme Simons – alto saxophone

Ties Beekman – trumpet

Laurens van Heesch – trumpet

Niels de Vries – trumpet

Ben van Lier – trombone

Max Hoskam – trombone

Rob Keijsers – sousaphone

Teun van Roosmalen – drums

Lars van Ruremonde – percussion

Mikhail Astafev – drums/percussion

Arthur Oldeman – guitar/percussion


More info, check their website and facebook!


For booking, contact us at: