Hootie Tootie

Feeling like dancing and swinging the night away? Then you are in for a party with Hootie Tootie! Together since the end of 2017, this group will blow you away with a lovely mix of old skool rock ‘n roll, classic soul, and swinging blues songs! This is not your ordinary jazz band, but you can expect old timers such as Nina Simone and Elvis Presley, but also some more modern works such as John Mayer! This combo already has a small repertoire and experience performing together, so do not hesitate and ask us for more info regarding bookings!


  • Ruben Hamans (drums)
  • Matthijs Berghuis (upright bass)
  • Arturs Remesis (electric guitar)
  • Tom Harmsen (keys)
  • Jerom van der Zande (alto saxophone)
  • Afke van Rijn (vocals)