Improvisation Group

As of 2017, we have an open jazz improvisation group that meets roughly once every two/three weeks. This group is open to all members of Studentproof, with no previous improvisation experience required. Also non-members that are interested in training their improvisation skills are more then welcome to join one of the sessions. Their motto: nobody is left behind.

They rehearse under guidance of Sytze Kalisvaart, a longtime member of the Studentproof Bigband. The sessions are loosely set up with a mixture of practice on songs, exercises on technique and ear training and theory. Any theory we discuss is put to practice directly. You can bring your own songs and topics.

The improvisation group session usually take place in Luna (TU/e campus) in the evening hours. A general backline such as amps etc are available, but it is advised to bring you own instrument.

Do you want to join one of the sessions? Or do you want some more information regarding the session? Do not hesitate and contact us at!